Business software is a broad term used to describe computer programs that aid in streamlined business operations, automate repetitive work and improve productivity. Business software can also improve the accuracy of data, leading to more trustworthy datasets on which to make strategic decisions. They may be developed as custom products, or bought off-the-shelf from an online retailer.

The kind of software needed by a business will be contingent on the size, amount of transactions and growth projections. A small business with a modest budget will require less software than a large enterprise that deals monthly with hundreds of customers. Business needs may also vary by industry. For instance, the requirements of a law firm differ from those of an insurer.

A key aspect of business software is its capability to interact with underlying data items, like records, documents images, documents and emails. This makes it easier for businesses to access and manipulate data according to their requirements. Many business applications can be configured to run automatically in response to certain events or time intervals.

The support team for the system will be informed via email when there are any issues with the business application. They will also receive a comprehensive report of the issue. A member of the team will then look into the issue to determine if it is a hardware or software-related problem. If a problem with software is identified the software manufacturer will design a fix and update the application for distribution.

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